Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Art Camp - Day One

Peeps! Day one from my 5-day metalworking/jewelry making class at Metalwerx Studio. Can you say A-W-E-S-O-M-E? I am loving it. The class is small (10 peeps) and is taught by Sarah Doremus, a very talented artist & jewelry maker. Today we learned how to cut metal (copper, brass & sterling) using a jeweler's saw and drills, as well as assembling pieces with rivets. During the course of the day we used the oxy-acetylene torch, the buffer, the drill press, some enameled, some used the hydralic press to create 3D elements and used more hammers than I even knew existed. There are a lot of talented people in the class, and I'm showing off their cool work too.

My rivet project, two layers of copper and a layer of hand-hammered brass with a handmade brass rivet and jumpring.

Lucy's awesome 3-D rivet project.

Helen's very cool delicately carved rivet project.

Charle's very excellent rivet project. Five indeed!

Sarah and I rolled a leaf onto my copper leaf form with the metal press. It thinned out and elongated my design, but I am totally in love it with.

Learning to use the torch - wicked cool.

Stuff I cut out from a sheet of copper with the jeweler's saw. The thin strips off to the left is a pile of broken blades from the jeweler's saw. Dental floss thin, they can be less than forgiving when you want to change direction at the last moment. But I'm learning.

Sarah Doremus, Artist, Jewelry, Instructor - very cool person.

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