Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Badcat Having Her Morning Coffee

Alright animal activist people - it's a joke, Badcat is just having a sip of water. The cats' water bowl was actually part of a Moda di Magno project from 2003 when a client had me create her wedding programs and table centerpieces. I used these gorgeous hand-painted bowls from Romania with a few floating candles and rose petals. I have to say the effect was gorgeous.

Being neurotic girl, I made sure to purchase a few extra in case of breakage on the way to the hotel to set up the tables. I was right to prepare for breakage (though it was only one). When I returned home I set one up on my dining room table, complete with floating candles and rose petals. Then we saw T-Bone (cat not pictured here) drinking from the centerpiece. The cat people will know it can be nervous-making to ensure your cats are having enough water, so we figured if they liked it they could certainly have a place on our dining room table.

Hey - I don't have kids, so if my cats want to drink out of a fancy bowl on my dining room table they certainly may. I don't have to send them to college, they'll never ask for the car keys and you won't ever step on a Lego in my living room.

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