Thursday, August 24, 2006

Bitter Thursday

Some days just bite. Started the day by taking beloved husband to Mass General for tests (no worries, all good). Sprinting up town to my office I encounter a nice young lady who fell down fainting and/or with cramps, fight off "I don't have time for this" urge to walk on by, got an officer of the law to summon help, ran to 'Bucky's, cut the line (it was an emergency!), bought some Ethos water (as the young lady said she needed some and it was the closest locale), ran back gave her the water, hassled the officer about where the ambulance was, he said he would take her home or to the emergency room in his patrol car and told me I was very bossy. Wow! How astute! Ran to my office to set up my 9am meeting (naturally, the PowerPoint was on my laptop, locked up with the key in my purse...) Successful meeting, cleared out fast to retrieve hubby (all good, no worries.) The rest of the day is just a tiring blur.

Oh yeah, and the astro-physicist geeks downgraded Pluto to a dwarf planet. That's just mean.

Tomorrow I'm taking the day off and I'm going to make jewelry all day and I'll post new pix. Until then have a good night. I order you to have a good night.

Because I'm bossy.


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