Saturday, August 19, 2006

Day 4 - Metalwerx Jewelry Camp!

Day four at Metalwerx Studio and it just gets better and better. We had many cool demonstrations including the many ways to make jump rings, how to tell the difference between silver solders and sterling wire and photo acid etching (more on that tomorrow). Our classmate Charles brought in some very cool stuff for making dye-struck jewelry and did a demonstration using the hydraulic press. Very cool and very kind of him. I can't wait to go back tomorrow.

Instructor Sarah Doremus showed us how to make LOTS of jump rings using Rio Grande's jumpringer tool. Really, really cool thing. Sarah explained the many ways to make jump rings - but who doesn't love the easiest way possible?

Roberta's shiny, shiny dapped earrings. Wonderously beautiful!

Roberta prepares to solder her cabochon ring.

Rose's fantastic earrings, GORGEOUS rope ring and rivet project.

Charles' amazing signet ring. Well worth the trouble!

Lucy's very fine rings, a band and a cabochon - beautifully done!

Kate strikes a My Space pose with her fantastic green cabochon ring.

Kate's Blue's Brothers inspired "Elwood" ring. Sterling silver, hand-formed and hand-stamped. Wicked!

The back of Kate's "Elwood" ring.

Kate's unbeliveable ZOSO rivet project with red enameling. AWESOME!

Helen's beautifully executed cabochon ring with Turquoise. Great work!

Classmate Charles brought in some really cool stuff - dye-struck molds for jewelry. He explained the process to the class and then did a demo using the hydraulic press.

The first pass of the silver through the hydraulic press into the mold.

Charles used the hydraulic press to force a sterling silver sheet into the dye mold.

The dye mold and the not quite final product.

The final version of my "Pebbles" ring. It reminds of me of stones washing up on the beach. I am in love with this ring.

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