Thursday, August 03, 2006

Do NOT Eat This

Do NOT Eat This
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Moda di Magno.
The joy of working with cool and funny people is that sometimes when you walk down the hall you encounter interesting tableaus that force you to pause and ask "what the heck is that!" I encountered a totally random assortment of snacks and my friend (let's call him Joe, he may or may not be a Joe, but he probably is) offers me a snack. Now I am feeling a bit peckish and for some reason, despite the heat, a bit adventurous - so I say what the heck, I'll have a snack. This is a photo of the snack. It looks like medication on a cracker, but it is actually a Hot Tamale on a Cheez-It brand snack cracker.

Yeah, I ate that. The texture was rather interesting - the flavor was, how should I put this...gross at a minimum. "Joe" and his cubemate "Joe" had a nickname for the snack, the "poor man's quesadilla" or "white trash burrito" - whatever you call it DO NOT EAT THIS. I will have to brush my teeth for an hour tonight.

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