Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Dude Rants™

OMG, after a near-total suck day, I have three Dude Rants™ from the retrun trip home tonight.

Dude walking into North Station: Your jeans are way, WAY too tight. Not in a good way either. Not that you were unattractive, but the jeans turned into scary body shapers. Billy Bob, I never want to see that again.

Dude in the seat next to me on the train home bitching about his review at work (apparently not good.) Guy was talking overly loud but giving me the sideways glance like "is she listening". Dude WTF? You couldn't wait until you got home to tell your BFF about your terrible day? Get a frigging blog so the rest of the people on the train don't have to hear that "She didn't even let me explain my position on the negative feedback." GAH!

Dude driving the convertible Saab down my street smoking a fat-ass cigar and shrieking into your cellular phone ON SPEAKERPHONE with the TOP DOWN. Skippy, WTF? Shut up when you are in my hood.


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