Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Free VS Cotton Panty...Not!

My friend Janet and I both had a coupon from Victoria's Secret for a "Free VS Cotton Panty (in brief, low-rise bikini or v-string. In white only.) a $7.50 value + $10 off any sexy sport bra." As the weather in Boston today was extremely cooperative and the coupons expire on August 31st I called Janet and asked if she wanted to stroll down to Faneuil Hall for "Lottery Friday" (even though it was Wednesday) and free panties. (Could there be a better title for a day??) She pretended to be appalled for about 5 seconds and we agreed to meet in the lobby.

We snagged our Ticket to Future Happiness(tm) and wandered down to Victoria's Secret. BTW, the secret is: Victoria is a lying bitch. They have no free panties. No. Free. Panties. NO. FREE. PANTIES. The salesperson who approached us explained that the Faneuil Hall location was the only location in the country that didn't have the free panties, of course we were invited to use the $10 off coupon on the sport bra. Yeah, I'm gonna NOT get my free damn panties and then give you money? I think not you bulimic prom-court tarts.

As a consolation prize we had lunch at the Salty Dog where a delightful young lady was our waitperson. It was not the daughter of my friends Mike & Judy (for whom I have visited three times during lunch service to try tip big before she goes back to college) but she was super nice and quite efficient (despite the pickle on the plate touching the bread of my sandwich.) GAH!

While we were eating we heard a commotion and it was a class of Naval cadets being marched through Faneuil Hall and heading toward the U.S.S. Constitution. They were marching and chanting. Then they came to attention right where we were sitting and busted out a cadet version of "Anchors Aweigh".

The cadets looked very y-o-u-n-g to me and marched and sang very well. Better than this slouchy lot: I enjoyed my consoloation lunch, but am still bitter about NO FREE COTTON PANTIES, but Janet said we'll get them one way or another. Then she laughed. I wish I had an opera laugh soundtrack for this picture.

Blah, blah, blah - rest of the day at work, blah blah blah.

I got off the train at 7:15pm and the day was already on its way to twilight. Still gorgeous, but much less light than I would like, though I know summer is nearly over.

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