Thursday, August 31, 2006

Gimme Your Stuff

Okay - this is a concept right up my alley.

Gimme Your Stuff

I think the theory is that it will be a bit of a cultural exchange (or at the very least a way to get rid of your extra random junk).

What I'm offering:

Fabric - some vintage, all very cool and in perfect condition
Sewing patterns - vintage dress patterns
Candy - What do you like, there's a lot of candy available in Boston
Beads & beading stuff - I make jewelry, I'm happy to swap some goodies

What I'd like:

Cool fabric, metalsmithing stuff, jewelry tools (got some cool pliers?), beads, Lapidary or Jewerly Design magazines.

And candy!

Japan & Italy I would especially love to hear from you, but I'm open to anything interesting!


1 comment:

liliane said...

Hello, dear!
I´d like to know if you´re interested in swapping with me (I´m from Brazil). I´d like to get some souvenirs and cookies. can you help me find souvenirs from Salem too?