Sunday, August 13, 2006

Lottery Friday with Janet

I neglected to post about my "Lottery Friday" with my friend Janet. We have a standing date for Mega-Millions tickets and lunch if possible. Yes peeps, the lottery has become my fantasy of early-retirement happiness. Who doesn't long to tell their co-workers "I'm rich, biach" and waltz out the door? I do more than buy tickets and fantasize, - I draft a new "farewell" email every week. I'm into bad Haiku right now, so here's a farewell haiku sample:
I'll miss you so much
But thanks to the lottery
Can miss you sooner
If Janet and I don't hit the lottery in a year, we'll publish a book of farewell emails. Either way we win. And we have a lunch. And talk about unattractive shoes.

We walked down to Faneuil Hall and got our (get out of jail) tickets. Faneuil Hall in the summer is pretty lively. It is an odd/interesting/freaky combination of tourists from all over the world, peeps from the financial district, city hall and downtown crossing.

Faneuil Hall holds auditions for street performers every year and because there is a lot of performance space available, you might see anything from a balloon "artist" to a latin guitar combo to a classical violinist. On our Friday visit we first encountered a breakdance/hip hop/crunk group. There was a huge group of people standing around watching and waiting to put money in the hat.

-These fellows were having quite a dialogue when we walked by.

Anyway, Faneuil Hall is now run by the Simon Company (inflicting generic mall evilness from coast to coast) and they have made it more bland mall-like with each passing year. The central building in Faneuil Hall is a food hall. For many years it was the Boston produce market (since moved to Chelsea), but now it houses food stalls. Fortunately there are still some local spots including Steve's Greek, Bombay Club and Regina Pizzeria. Janet and I settled on a cheese slice from Regina and found an available piece of granite curbing and enjoyed he stunningly cooperative weather.

The visitors to Faneuil Hall cooperated and provided a near-constant stream of fashion choices that boggle the mind. It's fun to play "Were they dropped on their head as a child? -OR- German tourists?" Word up peeps - Boston is an old city. Olde old - as in Ye Olde granite cobblestones. Nothing gives me a chuckle more than someone who's packed the good Prada shoes only to nearly tear the heel off by getting it stuck in granite cobbles. Recommended shoes: HERE . NOT recommended shoes:HERE . But do what you want - I get to laugh either way.

We stopped by the candy store (in the lower level of the Faneuil Hall proper building) for a palate-cleansing dark chocolate nonpareil and to check out the bizzaro candy selection.

I have no words for these except for "trots out tasty treats" and "piles of yummy jelly beans with real moooving parts." Um, gross - but at $6.95 at steal!

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