Friday, August 18, 2006

Metalwerx - Day Three - LOVING IT!

Day three at Metalwerx Studio for my jewelry-making class taught by Sarah Doremus. Still loving it. Peeps in the class are awesome - across the board. Equal parts young people and grown ups, and all very talented. The opportunity to learn cool stuff and use this most excellent studio space of the best thing I did for myself this year. Highly recommended.

My earrings, completely made by hand! I rolled sterling silver through the metal press to thin it out, stamped the pattern on using chasing tools. I cut and filed the bottom curve. Yesterday I cut and dapped the silver caps and today I made the sterling silver head pins (also known as red hot balls) and added cranberry freshwater pearls. I also made the ear wires. So much fun.

After our instructor Sarah Doremus gave me a lesson, I used the torch to create headpins for my earrings. Red. Hot. Balls. Almost as fun as Soldered. Butt. Joint. But not quite.

Helen's unbelievable earrings (as modeled by her Mom.) Helen sawed the design into the copper and flooded the channel with silver, then filed and sanded them smooth. Utterly gorgeous!

Tracey's fantastic heart earrings. She formed them using a template and the hydraulic press. Dig that nail polish!

I want one of these.

Magno's first ring! Not much to look at, but I did cut it from a flat piece of sterling silver, shaped it, formed it and soldered it (twice...) This is what the ring looked like right after I had finished using the torch to solder the BUTT JOINT. I then put it in the "pickle" (a light acidic bath) to remove the crusties then cleaned it and buffed it to prepare for soldering on the sterling bumps I was dying to add.

My ring from mid-afternoon after I'd created some sterling silver balls and then soldered them on one at a time. I would then clean, file, hammer and sand the ring. Sarah let me dip the top of the ring in a product called Jax, which blackened the area around the bumps.

My ring as it stands on Friday night. I'm going to do some more work on it tomorrow and make it even more fabulous.

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