Sunday, August 20, 2006

Metalwerx - Jewelry Camp - Day 5 (sad to see it end).

Well, Metalwerx camp came to an end today. It was an amazing experience. I'm so pleased that I ended up in this particular class. Sarah Doremus was the perfect instructor for me - talented, smart, funny, flexible and completely open to the direction that the class wanted to go. Yael Friedman was kind enough to join Sarah in helping us learn how to make beautiful things. Yael's specialty is puzzle rings and they are absolutely amazing. Everyone in the class was upbeat and there to learn - and brought great ideas to share. Everyone was talented and fun to work with, eat lunch with and laugh with. Everyone has gone home with a whole lot of cool stuff they made themselves and a whole lot of knowledge. I hope everyone keeps drawing in their notebooks and makes more cool stuff.

I'm going to try my hand in my home studio. I'll get a jewelers saw and work on my cutting, but what I really want is HERE. However, I'll start small and work up to the good stuff. I'll post more pictures of my own stuff tomorrow. Here are some final snaps from today. Good work fellow campers - good work! Stay in touch!

Lucy's stupendous belt buckle project (progress shot). Girl after my own heart - a crown, fleur de lis, shiny materials. Excellent!

Roberta's rings! Beautiful bezel set cabochon and a hammered sterling band. Love them both!

Getting ready to talk bout the fabulous items created over the past five days.

Classmate Candy spoke about her projects and experience first. She worked on bezel setting and made a pair of stunning earrings, as well as a pendant and a ring.

The class made a mountain of beautiful things over the past five days, behold a sample.

Instructor Sarah Doremus' very cool diamond design. I forgot to ask how it was made, but I think it is totally an object of desire. Yum.

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My fiance and I have been looking for Yael Friedman's contact details since we saw his puzzle ring in Lark Books' "500 wedding rings".

perhaps you could pass him a message? I would greatly appreciate it.