Tuesday, August 08, 2006

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Monthly T-Pass
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Before I rant - I just watched David Ortiz (Big Papi) hit is 1000th hit and 41st homerun this year - a reported 451 foot slammer against the Kansas City Royals! Yay Papi! Good for you.


I went to the "Meet the Managers' meeting at North Station this afternoon. What - you didn't know about it. Well if you filed a complaint, I'm sorry "A Concern" in July then you should have received an email (that my Yahoo filters viewed as spam - LOL!) to these important sessions. There is a session tomorrow, August 9th at South Station from 4:30 - 6:30pm. No location specified in the email. Just look for the balloons and cookies. I'm kidding there were no balloons or cookies. Just the Management Team from MBCR. Some who tried to answer, some who deflected. I'm sure our friends at Bad Transit will write all about it.


On the way home I encountered an actual Youth Movement protest of the Iraq War. A group called Operation Duckie, whose flier askes "Where should your money be going to youth and education or the war?" and "So far over $300 billion has been spent on the war in Iraq". Think about that grown-ups. I'm impressed, an actual youth movement - and they were loud and proud.


Can anyone tell me what these yahoos were doing on the sidewalk on Milk Street - during lunch rush on scooters? There were 6 or 7 of them. Let's hunt down the marketing jerks and explain why that was a bad idea.

I need some pudding.

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