Saturday, August 26, 2006

Renovation Saturday

Okay, I'll admit to being a collector of objet d'art, otherwise known as junk. Definitely known as junk to my husband. I picked up this little gem at the dump, ahem, I'm sorry, Transfer Station, last fall and put it in the basement so that I could put it in queue for a restoration. Well just 11 short months later, when I should have been doing something else (making jewelry) I finally got started. It was goregeous out, so I thought I would spend the day in the backyard sanding and scraping.

The antique school desk was in pretty rough shape, but something said "stuff me in the Audi Quattro and get me home" when I found it in the metal pile last year. As much as I wanted it, I may have overreacted since only weeks earlier I had been beaten to a lovely cafe set by two "Winchester" ladies in an SUV.

I was admiring the set (two chairs and a small table) when the vipers backed up the black Denali and hoisted the set into the back. When I protested, they said "he who hesitates" and drove off. My recollection is that they were cackling, but I was pretty pissed and my recollection may be cloudy. I totally hope they got a flat.

Rough as it was I thought I could make it useful again. I have a large number of items that fall into that category. But I did drag it outside with the palm sander (80, 120 & 220 grits!) and the acoutrement to renovate it into something useful. I spent a lot of time carefully dissembling the parts then I sanded to the point that my wrists became numb from all the Makita vibrations. (Note: I bought the palm sander last January when I restored my hardwood floors. A subscription to This Old House Magazine will can convince you that you can do anything.)

I'm really pleased with the progress so far.

I think the effort was wothwhile. I sanded the hell out the pieces, glued and clamped them and wire bushed all of the cast iron parts. The nice men at Fells Hardware directed me to the appropriate Rustoleum primer and paint and I made it through the primer process.

I totally enjoyed the process. As a matter of fact, Tommy dragged out a folding chair (that HE took out of the trash from a dance school in Medford) that I have tried to throw away several times - and I sanded it down, took it apart (which wasn't hard as it was TOTALLY falling apart) and glued and clamped it before calling it a night. It was a very satisfying day. I shall make a lot of jewelry tomorrow (what I planned for today!)

It was a very satisfying day indeed.


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