Thursday, August 17, 2006

Soldered Butt Joint! It's just fun to say!

This is my soldered butt joint project. The purpose was to cut two separate pieces of metal (in my case brass and copper), hand file them perfectly smooth and then use the torch and silver solder to join the pieces. I turned mine into a pendant, hammered the brass and stamped my name into the copper. This one is not for sale (hah).

Metalwerx Studio owner Karen Christians demonstrates a technique for creating a ball of sterling silver to attach a pearl to a silver object. Doesn't sound hard? Pearls crack very quicly when acetylene torches go near them. Thanks Karen!

Classmate Roberta taught me how to use the circle punch on the hydralic press. She is making gorgeous earrings today.

After Roberta showed me how to use the circle punch, I cut some sterling circles and then used the dapping block to create these little cups. Harder than it looks, but a tactile delight to form in the dapping block.

A curl of brass from the piece I cut this morning for my soldered butt joint project. I enjoy saying soldered butt joint. Soldered! Butt! Joint!

Awesome instructor Sarah Doremus brought a box of incredible rings to inspire (and amuse) as we prepare to create our own sterling silver rings.

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