Sunday, August 06, 2006

Sunday was gorgeous

It was stunningly beautiful in the Boston area today. Mid-80s, nice breeze, blue sky and puffy clouds. I was in my studio for most of the day working on the fall Moda di Magno line. I have some gorgeous little things slated for the fall line-up. Fall merch isn't up on my Shopify site but it will be as soon as it is photographed. No worries - an announcement will be posted here as soon as it is ready. You can take a look at current merchandise to amuse yourself.

Tommy and I took a walk into Winchester Center for ice cream. The fabulous Toscannini's pistachio is highly recommended, but the mint chocolate chip never disappoints in any event. We stood on the Converse Bridge and watched the geese and ducks doing what geese and ducks do, standing around eating. I shall feel like a superior human being for having walked to get ice cream, all 12 minutes.

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