Monday, August 28, 2006

Words & Pictures

No jewlery pix from this weekend yet. I let the camera battery die, die, die and I'm too tired to shoot tonight. Here's a little custom something I did for a client in July. Love this one. A lot.

Here are some thoughts and words from the last few days.

This man was walking up Milk Street in front of me when I was on my way to collect Hubby at Mass Gen. on Thursday. A fabulous gabardine suit, fierce shoes and hot, hot, hot red socks. That totally fits my definition of JAUNTY.

I painted the cast iron uprights of the school desk I've been renovating. The desk was manufactured by Grand Rapids School Furniture Company and has a date of Feb. 20 '12 stamped on the seat rails. I'm really pleased with the progress. It rained like a son of a gun on Sunday, so I had enough time to carefully paint the uprights and let it dry for a while before I had to drag it into the basement. I wasn't dying to stink up the house with the poly for the desk, back rest and seat, so I'll wait for good weather over Labor Day to finish that part.

It was raining on Friday when we had to run a couple of errands in Lexington. Um, gross.

Lexington has parking meters running up and down Mass. Ave. All of them were expired.

Sometimes the best part of the day is the furry creatures. Badcat & T-Bone, I don't have to send them to college.


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