Saturday, September 30, 2006


Just saying jaunty.


Friday, September 29, 2006

Slumber Party! The Band!

Peeps: Detroit Rock City is sending its finest to Boston/Cambridge this weekend - the vixens of Motor City, SLUMBER PARTY is coming for a visit. They will perform at the world famous restaurant/club the Middle East in Central Square, Cambridge on Sunday, October 1st - 8pm (downstairs.)

On Monday, October 2nd at ZuZu (which is RIGHT NEXT to the Middle East). Sorry kids - this Slumber Party is for 21+

This is a rocking outfit - you owe it to yourself to have some good fun, get OUT OF THE HOUSE - support live music and have a refreshing beverage.

Oh yeah - Slumber Party's new CD "Musik" is out - get yours fast (Amazon is almost sold out!)


Thursday, September 28, 2006

Madlene Olander Studio

Peeps: Madlene Olander Studio makes the most beauteous pieces of art for children that you will ever see. Whimsical, thoughtful, fun, charming stuff.

Take a peek at her prints, original baby things and fabulous necklaces that teach a wonderful lesson. You can also have her customize a beautiful piece of art for your little dumpling.

Madlene is a Boston artist originally from Sweden and I think her stuff is totally rocking. I plan to make a present of Madlene's cool things for the next round of friend and co-worker baby hatchings. You should send your upcoming arrivals something fabulous and totally, originally cool.

I love this one. I hope Cute Overload takes notice..

Shut. Up.

Dear Sir in the back of the train coming home from Boston tonight:

I think you should know that everyone, EVERYONE on the train could hear your conversation. I think I should also tell you that everyone, EVERYONE on the train understood what you were saying, even though you were talking "in code". To sum up for those who were not on the train:

Man on train: Dude, I'm sorry. I got nuthin' right now. I might be able to help next week.

Man in seat behind me: Oh my God, is he doing a drug deal on a cell phone at full voice?

WTF? Do not discuss your drug deals on your cell phone in a loud voice during rush hour, ever.


Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Does One Cause The Other?

Does Dunkin Donuts cause smoking? Is there a direct cause=effect relationship between the two?

As I walk through town from North Station to my office, I am accosted by the hateful aroma of tobacco in its many forms. I find that I am able to speedwalk past the "walkie smokers" to save my lungs a gust of tar. But I have noticed more and more coffee lurkers hanging around with their Dunkin' coffee (or coffee beverages) in one hand and a big old nasty cigarette butt in the other. What gives?

I did see a guy outside Starbuck's smoking a cigarette with his Starbuck's cup nearby - but I'm talking about an army of Dunkin' drinkers lining the streets (and walking around too) with Dunkin in one hand and a cancer stick in the other.

I'll post some pix at a later date to enhance my theory, but I'm interested in anyone else's thoughts. And tough kitty boo boo to you if you are a smoker who wants to whine about the anti-tobacco Nazis. I hate smoking. It stinks - it takes up my airspace. You wanna smoke - do it in your own damn car with the windows rolled all the way up. Wow, that sounds really bitter.


Professional Blogger, Thank You Very Much

I can now add the title "Professional Blogger" to my resume. (Well maybe I can't - but I am totally going to anyway!) My first post is up at the Digital Hive Blog. Check out Underpants Man and let me know what you think.

I wanted to share Underpants Man with as many peeps as possible. He's got kind of a Steve Carell thing going on - and Steve Carell is hot (in a totally dork kind of way that works for me.)


Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I Love You Google! And Blingo!

Hello Internets, please allow me to (re)introduce myself. I am Lori Magno, blogger and shopkeeper. I am not any of the following people, but thanks for your email questions!

[[If you haven't check out Blingo yet - you are missing out. It's a search engine - powered by Google - but you may already be a winner. I've won $20 worth of iTunes just for searching. If you sign up using this link, when you win - I win too. So I've shared in prizes already and because I won on my own, the person that sent me the link won too. It is very cool. Check it out here: Blingo! .]]

I am related to the astoundingly talented Thomas Magno, hence my last name, Magno (though after certain visits to the blog he wishes my last name was Smith).

I am not Lori Magno of Diva's Nightclub in Northampton, Massachusetts. I should probably pay a call on this establishment and introduce myself. I am impressed that they have their own UMass Wiki. Very cool.

I had no involvement in a book called Introduction to ISO 9660. I'm guessing I would have been fired long about page 3 for trying to "zing" up this important tome. Nice formatting other Lori Magno.

I have no relation to Dee Dee Magno, star of stage and screen, but I did enjoy Miss Saigon.

I'm not related to Dinna Magno of RRMM Architects, but their work seems lovely.

While I am frequently referred to as "Magno", I have no relation to this one. But oh the good I could do with those powers! I swear, I would totally do good.

I am not related to Gil Magno, a music instructor and teacher of life. But Tommy does have an aunt named Gilda.

Finally, as you learned from the link above, I am married to the talented photographer Thomas Magno. NOT the longtime Treasurer/Collector/Parking Clerk for the City of Waltham, Massachusetts Thomas Magno. So please stop calling my house to complain - I can't adjust your taxes or fix your parking ticket.

Thank you, and have a nice day.


Monday, September 25, 2006

Moda di Magno - Relaunched Too!

Peeps! I revised the format of the Moda di Magno storefront (link at right also). I am adding new (and fabulous) products every day. You know, this whole "work thing" takes up so much valuable time. Time that could be better spent creating "Accessories for Stylish Living©" and bringing you the freshest items possible.

Working for a company that provides me with nice health insurance is important. I like my office peeps - so I am able to show up every day and keep the attitude (mostly) in check. People are usually very kind about my jewelry (though I have a relative that freely admits she doesn't "get it"). Many are amazed that I have the time for jewelry design. "How on earth do you have the time" is the most frequently asked question. My answer is simple.

I don't have kids, and I don't cook or clean (much...)

Take a peek at the upgraded site and let me know what you think.


. - Relaunched!

Peeps: If there is one thing you should know about me, it is that I love my husband and am always astounded by his work and amazing talent. He relaunched his website this week and it is totally worth the trip. Visit Thomas Magno Photography HERE.


Sunday, September 24, 2006

Happy Birthday Jay Beaulieu!

Our friend Jay Beaulieu has turned a "certain age" (50 if you must know). Friends and family threw a little soiree at the First Parish (UUA) in Milton tonight. It was a lovely evening, with all the best elements of a swanky church supper (good friends, good food, good music, nice wine.) I enjoyed meeting the extended family, neighbors and friends network.

Tommy and Jay have known each other since the very early 1980s (81ish) when Tom needed work on the 1972 BMW Bavaria and was introduced to the fine services at Jimmy Albright's Mighty Motors in Cambridge. (Photo: 1985ish?)

The protocol at the party was to fill out a nametag upon arrival with your name and how you know Jay. That made for some interesting nametags.

Jay's friend Jim didn't do a traditional toast, instead he hosted something called "Jay, or Not Jay" - he read a summary of qualities that were either Jay, or Not Jay and the crowd had to shout out the answer. Peeps pretty much had Jay nailed. Good job Jim! I had a fabulous time tonight. I've posted a Flickr Set of all the photos HERE.

Food highlight - Jay's wife Jennifer's sister Courtney's husband's bean dip. (How's that for six degress of food preparation!) Someone send the recipe!

Happy Birthday Jay!


Saturday, September 23, 2006

Shopping Saturday (Bad Idea)

I had a momentary lapse in judgment and agreed to join Tom in a trip to the new L.L. Bean store in Burlington (Mass.) at the brand new Wayside Commons.

You can see my initial mistake right there in that sentence. A trip to the NEW L.L. Bean store at the BRAND NEW "shopping destination" (stupid, nonsensical marketing idiot's way of saying MALL MALL MALL!) - It's a mall you jackasses. It is raining today, so I knew it could be busy, but OMG - crazy busy. Like Black Friday busy. In the way that when we hit the parking lot I was instantly freaking out and barking driving directions at Tom (sorry Tommy.) We exited the parking lot (and secretly I hoped we were leaving) but Tom found parking on the backside of the shopping destination.

The place is built on a square concept - shops along the edge, parking in the middle. Probably maximizing the use of space, and as opposed to a strip mall, you can see the other stores in the "destination". We walked the length of the place to get to Tom's chosen store and passed a West Elm location (nice) and what will be a Blue Tulip (I guess it's a gifty store) another furniture place with a crazy name and this store:

I have no idea why this store is called "Justice - Just for Girls" - it's not like the fashions were designed to channel girls to law school or law enforcement. They were your run of the mill, over-priced, ridiculously bedazzled t-shirts and denim minis.

Anyway, we wandered on down to L.L. Bean and entered mayhem central. The place is gigantic. Two levels of outdoorsman heaven. You can get your Fair Isle cardigan or your Brook Trout fly reel. They had kayaks and canoes hanging from the walls and hundreds and hundreds of shoppers - all in one location! HUNDREDS. Tom was looking for a new pair of Merrill shoes so we headed for the shoe department (downstairs) and made our way to the wall. As luck would have it, a nice young man (Brian) was at the ready to fetch sizes for Tom. It became an easy choice as they had one pair, in black, in Tom's size. Slicing our way through the horde we traveled upstairs to look at coats. They have a lot of coats. Fortunately Tom had brought along the page from the catalog with the coat he was looking for. Joan in the coat department saved my sanity and directed us to what he was looking for. Having found the two items we purportedly were there for, I suggested we move to the checkout line. Which was long. Long, long. Black Friday long:

The photo doesn't begin to show how long the line was. In the photo, I'm shooting from the middle of line before it takes a 90 degree turn to the left to enter the final maze of candied blueberry products and impulse-buy items before you get to the registers. HOW LONG WAS IT? It was so long, that an employee was sent down the line to hand out bottles of Poland Spring water. The line was so long that I was shopping in the women's department as the line crawled toward the cash registers. I ended up with a sweater and some lip gloss.

You would thnk after all the retail I've done in my life (Contempo Casuals, The Limited, Foxmoor, Sound Warehouse) that I would have had the sense to stay away from a GRAND OPENING. Nope. But I did get a nice sweater.

BTW - HOW BUSY WAS THE SHOPPING DESTINATION? It was so busy that the Omaha Steaks store had a line out the door too. Yikes.


Still Not Single Saturday

I'm pretty sure I don't have repeat my statement that Yahoo! sucks at the email spam filter thing. But I will because it's fun - Yahoo! sucks at the email spam filter thing! Just an FYI to the Internets, I'm not single. Not looking for anyone of any age, race or sex. BTW, who is Tim and why are you communicating to him via my email? Murray Biggs, in all sincerity I say - get out of my email.

I continue to be amused that anyone wants my opinion on the Liar-in-Chief George Bush. I couldn't make my opinion any clearer.


Friday, September 22, 2006


Question for the Internets: Now that the Jackasses have another movie out, how long until the press reports of copycat injuries, disfigurements, scarring and eventual deaths?



Things to Love About the Blogosphere

I LOVE Blogger profiles. Peeps are as freaky as they want to be - all over the world. Presented without comment (except for the Top Secret page - watch your back Sumit Malikarjun Pujar, dude is totally gunning for you.)


Thursday, September 21, 2006

I Got Nothing Today

Because I didn't have anything cheerful to say today I was going to blog some fairly scary-weird candy from the Faneuil Hall candy store, but I'll save that for another day. I will report that I just about wet my pants when I visited the Webby Award Winning Cute Overload tonight and found this photo. I posted a comment on the site, but I'll post it here because it sums it right up for me:

There comes a time in every parent's life when your kid does something this cute and you are thinking "I SHOULD STOP THAT CHILD LICKING THAT PIG SNOUT, but first I have to take the best photo ever".

Nothing, not even the extra dark Godiva chocolate I just consumed has made me feel as good as the 5 minute laugh I just had.

I don't know who the (adorable) child is, or who is responsible for the photograph - but I thank the Internets profusely for saving my day. You can go directly to the post here: Snoutilicious


Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Thinking of Friends Dealing with Issues

I hate health issues - my own, my family's - my cats', and especially the ones my friends are dealing with right now. I seem to have arrived at an age when I am getting a lot of calls from my beloveds telling me that they are facing some scary stuff. Many of the things they are facing are a bit mysterious - they come with a lot of "ifs". "If" we caught it early. "If" you were in good condition before you became ill. "If" you are willing to undergo a complete lifestyle change, if if if if if. I think the ifs are the cause of a whole lot of grief and possibly complications to all these situations.

For my friends who are dealing with the some medical concerns. I am an on your side and will help you in any way you need. I could suggest prayers to the diety of your choice, I could suggest meditation, I could suggest a lot of things - but I'm no one's doctor. I'm just someone who has a lot of friends on her heart. So for all of you I offer the following information:

From the hallowed halls of Harvard (Stop it, I LOVE alliteration - you know that about me) about prayer and health issues was very revealing. It told me a a lot about Americans and our mindset. The British did a study with completely opposite results (but they are generally very bleak anyway - I mean really, they only had like 5 channels of television when I lived there in 1987, that's got to affect your outlook.)

On the flip side, the Brits did do an interesting poetry experiment.

I found this information from The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM), a division of The National Institutes of Health very interesting. Who knew the National Institutes of Health would consider "Complementary & Alternative Medicine"? Especially this administration.

There are opinions on Art as Healing.

And from the FDA, a little news about tea.

This should give the peeps a headstart on the flood of pointless information out there. I hope it makes them laugh, keeps them busy (and therefore keeps them sane) and I pray it gives a little hope.

With love,


Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Primary Results

Congrats to Deval Patrick for winning the Democratic gubenatorial primary race. Extra special congrats to Chris Gabrieli and Tom Reilly for their classy concession speeches and for throwing their support behind Deval. I am so pleased, actually overwhelmed to see the Mass Dems pull together to support a candidate and defeat the do-nothing bozos. Everyone ran clean campaigns. They did not make the mistakes of the past and beat each other up (giving the other side ammunition) - they ran on issues and they should all be proud.

48 days to the election. That gives you just about 4 weeks to REGISTER to vote. You must be registered by October 18th to vote in the general election on November 7th.

Do it - it's important, it's your right. They regulate you, they legislate you, they tax you they make serious decisions that affect your life and the lives of people who cannot speak for themselves. They are making decisions to help (or not) the homeless, the hungry, people without access to medical services and educational opportunity. Yeah, yeah, yeah, blah, blah, blah - I know, I'm prattling, but damn it - it's not just about my bank account and your bank account. It's about helping people - all people. Think about it.

Make sure you take full advantage of your right to vote. And you know I'll be asking if you've registered. A lot.


Monday, September 18, 2006

I Got Stuff!

Gimme Your Stuff
Peeps - In August I did a post about Gimme Your Stuff and put a link below, and I hope you've checked it out. I was contacted for a swap by Gayla in Kentucky and we have arranged a craft swap! My goodie box arrived today! I had Gayla send it to my office so I could have it the minute, minute, minute it arrived. My mailroom sends an email telling you when a package has arrived and I knew the second I received the email message that it was the swap. I rode the elevator to the 8th floor breathless in anticipation (and fearful that it was just another work related boring package...) I was super delighted to have a special package handed to me.

Gayla sent me beads galore. Her grandmother had been doing some beading but moved onto another craft that was more agreeable. There are tons of beads, carefully separated by type and size.

The best part of the swap are the rubber stamps that Gayla made for me. I am IN LOVE LOVE LOVE with the cat stamp. Check out the stamp with the photo it was created from!

She also made a logo stamp for my craft business Moda di Magno. I am so tickled! AND - super special bonus - an extra fleur de lis too!

Here are T-Bone and Badcat with a print of their special stamp. Thanks Gayla! I am so honored by your beautiful work! WE are so proud to receive your beautiful work.

Best wishes from Boston, Lori, T-Bone & Badcat


The Next Governor of Massachusetts?

Ran out at lunchtime with Janet (who took the photo. Thanks Janet!) for a quick trip to Falafel King and who should I run into but Deval Patrick, probably the next Governor of Massachusetts. He's very nice in person, I've read his positions on the major issues that I care about. He's in a good spot with me for the most part. He had a good handshake. I like Attorney General Tom Reilly a lot, though I disagree with some of his positions - I think he has good people around him, and they could steer him in the right direction. I like Chris Gabrielli, a lot, he's smart and hard working and I believe a good person who has done good work for the community. I'm in luck this election, I won't have to hold my nose on Primary Day.

Tommorow, Tuesday, September 19th is Primary Day in Massachusetts - Get off your collective butts and VOTE. It's a right they haven't tried to take away from you (yet) - take full advantage.


Sunday, September 17, 2006

WUMB Boston Folk Festival - Day 2

Day 2 of the Boston Folk Festival was beautiful. The agreeable weather continued and the music was astounding from start to finish.

The day began with the stunning Eliza Gilkyson and her strong, sweet voice, sharp opinions and brilliant songwriting.

The crowd moved in slowly over the day. This is part of a large group of rude elderly people. They kept adding people in high chairs, forcing us to move down and down and down again. Bitch girl finally got up and asked how many more they were adding as I was running out of field to move down.

The Cottars are an amazing group from Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia. I am not a huge fan of Celtic music, but this group is flat out fantastic. Lively, and genuine and talented singers, songwriters and as it turns out, dancers too. Look into them.

I was super-psyched to see The Kennedys as I am a fan of their music and have never seen them live. I know they live in Western Massachusetts now, but their travel schedule and my life schedule have not jibed. They put on a fantastic performance - so good I can forgive Maura the leggings and converse high tops under the beautiful skirt. Why Maura, why?

Jesse Winchester's voice is so beautiful it brings tears to my eyes. Jesse has had songs recorded by such luminaries as Joan Baez, Jimmy Buffett, the Everly Brothers, Fairport Convention, and Emmylou Harris. He sang and played guitar and brought a hush to the crowd. He made us laugh and cry and sing and dance. He was amazing.

The closing act of the day was Canada's own Bruce Cockburn. Wow wow wow! With a drummer and a keybordist/accordian player/singer, he tore through hits from 1970 to the present. The crowd would not let him leave without an encore - and the song they wanted to hear "If I Had a Rocker Launcher". It was well worth the wait.

And now your fashion update:

I have no idea if the Lithuanian Basketball Team of 1996 has a relationship with the Gratetful Dead, but this t-shirt had me giggling all afternoon. The gentleman wearing it was quite a dancer.
Favored prints today (on both men and women) featured brightly colored "sun moon stars" patterns, hawaiian style shirts with prints that should be banned, tie dye palooza, I make special note of the tie-dyed New England Patriots shirt on the lady down front who had to dance. GAH!

There comes a time when you are too "mature" for a leather ankle band with bells on it. I'm guessing you may be too mature for the leather ankle band with bells on it when you pair it with orthopedic Nana shoes. It becomes more apparent when you are moved by the music to dance. TOO. MATURE. Stop it.
There was absolutely no explanation for these shorts on yet another MATURE person. Particularly when paired with pricey dress loafers.
Update from yesterday's special guests. Jim Morrison wearing lady was quite toned down today, but fright-0-meter went through the roof when I saw the Tinkerbell tote bag. Her Kiss t-shirt goth friend was also "a bit" toned down, but with scary camouflage burlapy trousers and without the cool skull and crossbones bag. Style points taken away.

It was a lovely day, the music was awesome - it is a great event. See DAY ONE post HERE. I'm looking forward to the 10th anniversary show next year. I'm going to start looking for my own boho skirt tomorrow.


Mystery Dinner Saturday

After a fabulous day of music at the WUMB Boston Folk Festival, Tommy and I had plans to meet our friends Sarah and Scot for drinks and whatever (TBD) in Boston. We started with a refreshing beverage on the dock at Long Wharf (where the New England Aquarium is). Sarah and I were desirous of a cocktail out of doors fearing that this might be the last summer Saturday worthy of such treatment. We enjoyed some summer beverages and enjoyed the evening by the docks. It got dark too soon for my taste, but it was accompanied by hunger, so it was time to shove off anyway.

There are many dining options in the area, but as none of us had been to the Chart House in the recent past and it was recently renovated we thought we'd try it. It was after 9:00pm when we walked in the door, but there were a whole lot of people waiting. The nice hostess suggested drinks and appetizers in the bar and we liked the sound of that. One margarita and some coconut shrimp and lobster spring rolls later, we were called to our table. Our server in the bar (her first night) was very nice, outgoing - terrific.

We were taken upstairs to a table near the kitchen. The space is pretty amazing - the building was once John Hancock's counting house. All of us were dying to know what he was counting. We agreed that it was probably money. A little Blingo search shows that John Hancock's left the counting house to him as part of a large estate.

Anyway, we had some lovely seafood dishes, good conversation and plenty of laughs. Which is what friends and late (or last) summer Saturdays are for.


WUMB Boston Folk Festival - Day 1

Gorgeous, agreeable, fortunate weather today for Day 1 of the WUMB (The UMass Boston Station) Boston Folk Festival. You should listen to WUMB, and give them money.

The musical highlights for me were Jennifer Kimball's lovely, floaty, beautiful music. Tish Hinojosa has the loveliest voice & guitar combo ever - throw in some traditional Mexican music and it's an unbeatable creation.

The absolute highlight was the legendary Richie Havens . Richie Havens was the opening act at Woodstock in August of 1969 and his voice is still so clear and so beautiful and so strong, yet he spoke so quietly and in such a moving way about still singing protest songs. He was sad to still be singing protest songs after 40 years, in the hopes that the issues would never return. But here we are in another war based on lies, continuing to be lied to by our (in the words of Mr. Havens) our "Representative Government."

Because the Fug Girls have been on location at New York Fashion Week and because I'm me, I have to give you the fashion report from UMass Boston.

Favored looks from the Folk Festival:

Purple! Purple appears to be the color of the peace movement. Nothing wrong with peace or purple - I just didn't know. Go peace!

One piece rayon jumpsuits (2 tone!) button down the front with contrasting shirt (preferably really bright.)

Hats! Crazy ones! Hats that you would normally expect to see nailed to the front door of suburban tract homes. You know, as created at a Michael's Craft Store Saturday demo. Also a lot of straw cowboy hats.

Gauchos & Capris! Knit ones! Super Ugly Bonus! Not only knit gauchos, but with a subtle, yet heinous print.
Fanny packs! Big ones! Like going to the mountains for days big. I don't know why, it's not like anyone smuggled anything in.

Mom jeans! On men! In colors! Oy.

Visors! Who knew?

Socks and sandals. Ouch.

Favorite look:

Tie-dyed t-shirt with Jim Morrison's face on the front and "An American Poet" on the back paired with a black leather studded belt and raw cotton capris. Footwear by Teva, naturally. Her friend was a XXL goth vision in a Kiss t-shirt and camouflage capri pants.

I did L-o-v-e her black and white pinstriped frame purse with pink skull & crossbones. Style points for the bag. In the folkies' favor: NO over-sized "makes you look like a bug" sunglasses - good for them.

Richie Havens was wearing the most gorgeous blue silk pajama set (not sleeping pajamas - a lounging set). He had this to say at one point:

"Be who you are
Be who you are
Be who you are
Say what you feel."


Final item overheard while walking to the car:

"That was awesome. Richie Havens was awesome. He was the best of the day - as long as he wasn't talking." (Presumably said by someone who hates world peace?)

Dude - you are totally an ass.


Friday, September 15, 2006

Best Line From a Meeting

"He's a very unsloped ramp. He's a gradualist"


Thursday, September 14, 2006

Happy Birthday Harold!

Our good friend Harold had a special birthday this week. Happy Birthday Harold!

Watson came up from New York for a special dinner. Tommy brought him by the Museum of Fine Arts to see the Americans in Paris exhibit.

We made a plan for a super special dinner at Craigie Street Bistrot.

We had pretty salad. (And fantastic chicken and fish and polenta and soup and sortbet and fruit crisp...)

Chef Tony Maws was one of Harold's students at Belmont Hill in the recent past and he always, always, always creates an amazing experience. Tony joined us for a chat before dessert.
We had some laughs - because we always do. I hope we didn't embarrass Harold.

I wanted to look nice for Harold's special event, so I went to Salon Shimon and had my hair cut by Shimon himself! The staff was lovely and Shimon was fantastic - I am well pleased with my new cut.
You know how I LOVE people that will let me photograph them for the blog!

It was a very satisfying day indeed.


Best Line From a Meeting

"It's not diversity, it's dumbversity."


Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Love, Hate, Weird, WTF?

LOVE: Jeffrey's bespoke shirts.

HATE:Toe slippage on shoes that don't fit/or are designed poorly.

WEIRD: It's a fireproof suit: why are they worried about touching?

WTF?: What is your impression here? Was it like mine? Oh, goodness a missing baby. Check out the age of the missing child. This meant to be a public service, but it might not be effective.HPIM6365