Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Does One Cause The Other?

Does Dunkin Donuts cause smoking? Is there a direct cause=effect relationship between the two?

As I walk through town from North Station to my office, I am accosted by the hateful aroma of tobacco in its many forms. I find that I am able to speedwalk past the "walkie smokers" to save my lungs a gust of tar. But I have noticed more and more coffee lurkers hanging around with their Dunkin' coffee (or coffee beverages) in one hand and a big old nasty cigarette butt in the other. What gives?

I did see a guy outside Starbuck's smoking a cigarette with his Starbuck's cup nearby - but I'm talking about an army of Dunkin' drinkers lining the streets (and walking around too) with Dunkin in one hand and a cancer stick in the other.

I'll post some pix at a later date to enhance my theory, but I'm interested in anyone else's thoughts. And tough kitty boo boo to you if you are a smoker who wants to whine about the anti-tobacco Nazis. I hate smoking. It stinks - it takes up my airspace. You wanna smoke - do it in your own damn car with the windows rolled all the way up. Wow, that sounds really bitter.


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