Friday, September 08, 2006

Dude Rant™

Okay Sir, we need to talk. I'll be kind and suggest that you were only about 15 years too old for the look you are sporting here. As a "man of shaving age" (as a favorite former boss used to say) - you have no business in a look that screams "I'm wearing my big brother's clothes!" (with a lisp)

Sir, manpris are not good. Cargo-style manpris do not make a statement - they simply look silly. The Vans-style suede Converse sneakers (was it your first day of school sir?) with the European style lace-up and ends tucked in. Puh-leez. I remind you that you are of SHAVING AGE (and likely have a healthy 401k...)

Men, there are clothes out there that fit (and are comfortable) - that highlight your assets, if you will. Get thee to the mall.


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