Wednesday, September 06, 2006

From the Streets of Boston

Took a walk to Whole Foods Boston with Janet (who needed to get cupcakes for a client meeting, don't ask, I didn't) and to stroll through the weekly Farmer's Market at Boston City Hall (Gotham City). Made the trip down to WF quickly enough, despite being dazzled by most agreeable weather. Found the most excellent cupcakes and decided to grab some sushi and fruit for lunch. We walked back toward the office stopping at the Farmer's Market for organic plums and peaches and a few tomatoes.

I recently heard an interesting piece on NPR about buying local and the impact on economies, the fuel consuption, the additional transportation costs and everything that gets added to the cost of our food & goods. I like to shop local whenever I can, but that story really stuck with me. You can listen to the story on NPR's Here and Now HERE.

We walked on down Tremont Street and were about to turn on School when a vision tugged on my sleeve and asked for directions to the Corner Mall in Downtown Crossing. Janet was laughing before I could even pull out the camera phone and ask if I could blog them. These delightful young ladies were hired to promote Cirque du Soleil's upcoming show Corteo at Suffolk Downs. I love the outfits.

Love that this dude is like so bland about the fact that two angels just passed him.

The girls from the Professional Poker Tour were not dressed nearly as nice (actually, rather tarty) and they were passing out poker chips and postcards with a contest entry on it. I am fully aware that I was not their target audience, but really, I don't want to see panties peeking out from under the mini skirt. They have to be mighty fine panties to earn that privilege.

Go for a walk Bostonians, you never know who's going to tug on your sleeve.


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