Thursday, September 14, 2006

Happy Birthday Harold!

Our good friend Harold had a special birthday this week. Happy Birthday Harold!

Watson came up from New York for a special dinner. Tommy brought him by the Museum of Fine Arts to see the Americans in Paris exhibit.

We made a plan for a super special dinner at Craigie Street Bistrot.

We had pretty salad. (And fantastic chicken and fish and polenta and soup and sortbet and fruit crisp...)

Chef Tony Maws was one of Harold's students at Belmont Hill in the recent past and he always, always, always creates an amazing experience. Tony joined us for a chat before dessert.
We had some laughs - because we always do. I hope we didn't embarrass Harold.

I wanted to look nice for Harold's special event, so I went to Salon Shimon and had my hair cut by Shimon himself! The staff was lovely and Shimon was fantastic - I am well pleased with my new cut.
You know how I LOVE people that will let me photograph them for the blog!

It was a very satisfying day indeed.


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