Sunday, September 24, 2006

Happy Birthday Jay Beaulieu!

Our friend Jay Beaulieu has turned a "certain age" (50 if you must know). Friends and family threw a little soiree at the First Parish (UUA) in Milton tonight. It was a lovely evening, with all the best elements of a swanky church supper (good friends, good food, good music, nice wine.) I enjoyed meeting the extended family, neighbors and friends network.

Tommy and Jay have known each other since the very early 1980s (81ish) when Tom needed work on the 1972 BMW Bavaria and was introduced to the fine services at Jimmy Albright's Mighty Motors in Cambridge. (Photo: 1985ish?)

The protocol at the party was to fill out a nametag upon arrival with your name and how you know Jay. That made for some interesting nametags.

Jay's friend Jim didn't do a traditional toast, instead he hosted something called "Jay, or Not Jay" - he read a summary of qualities that were either Jay, or Not Jay and the crowd had to shout out the answer. Peeps pretty much had Jay nailed. Good job Jim! I had a fabulous time tonight. I've posted a Flickr Set of all the photos HERE.

Food highlight - Jay's wife Jennifer's sister Courtney's husband's bean dip. (How's that for six degress of food preparation!) Someone send the recipe!

Happy Birthday Jay!


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