Monday, September 18, 2006

I Got Stuff!

Gimme Your Stuff
Peeps - In August I did a post about Gimme Your Stuff and put a link below, and I hope you've checked it out. I was contacted for a swap by Gayla in Kentucky and we have arranged a craft swap! My goodie box arrived today! I had Gayla send it to my office so I could have it the minute, minute, minute it arrived. My mailroom sends an email telling you when a package has arrived and I knew the second I received the email message that it was the swap. I rode the elevator to the 8th floor breathless in anticipation (and fearful that it was just another work related boring package...) I was super delighted to have a special package handed to me.

Gayla sent me beads galore. Her grandmother had been doing some beading but moved onto another craft that was more agreeable. There are tons of beads, carefully separated by type and size.

The best part of the swap are the rubber stamps that Gayla made for me. I am IN LOVE LOVE LOVE with the cat stamp. Check out the stamp with the photo it was created from!

She also made a logo stamp for my craft business Moda di Magno. I am so tickled! AND - super special bonus - an extra fleur de lis too!

Here are T-Bone and Badcat with a print of their special stamp. Thanks Gayla! I am so honored by your beautiful work! WE are so proud to receive your beautiful work.

Best wishes from Boston, Lori, T-Bone & Badcat



Megan said...

those are some adorable kitties!

bunny said...

Great Swap! Can't wait to start sewing!

Rikki said...

Great swap! dont forget to write us a paragraph and email it with your best and most interesting pic to the Gimme email address!