Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I Love You Google! And Blingo!

Hello Internets, please allow me to (re)introduce myself. I am Lori Magno, blogger and shopkeeper. I am not any of the following people, but thanks for your email questions!

[[If you haven't check out Blingo yet - you are missing out. It's a search engine - powered by Google - but you may already be a winner. I've won $20 worth of iTunes just for searching. If you sign up using this link, when you win - I win too. So I've shared in prizes already and because I won on my own, the person that sent me the link won too. It is very cool. Check it out here: Blingo! .]]

I am related to the astoundingly talented Thomas Magno, hence my last name, Magno (though after certain visits to the blog he wishes my last name was Smith).

I am not Lori Magno of Diva's Nightclub in Northampton, Massachusetts. I should probably pay a call on this establishment and introduce myself. I am impressed that they have their own UMass Wiki. Very cool.

I had no involvement in a book called Introduction to ISO 9660. I'm guessing I would have been fired long about page 3 for trying to "zing" up this important tome. Nice formatting other Lori Magno.

I have no relation to Dee Dee Magno, star of stage and screen, but I did enjoy Miss Saigon.

I'm not related to Dinna Magno of RRMM Architects, but their work seems lovely.

While I am frequently referred to as "Magno", I have no relation to this one. But oh the good I could do with those powers! I swear, I would totally do good.

I am not related to Gil Magno, a music instructor and teacher of life. But Tommy does have an aunt named Gilda.

Finally, as you learned from the link above, I am married to the talented photographer Thomas Magno. NOT the longtime Treasurer/Collector/Parking Clerk for the City of Waltham, Massachusetts Thomas Magno. So please stop calling my house to complain - I can't adjust your taxes or fix your parking ticket.

Thank you, and have a nice day.



Megan said...

I've won a bunch on Blingo, too! I swear by it! Good luck with your future winnings!

Robert Noseworthy said...

Hi Lori, your brother sends you his love. B. Noseworthy