Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Late on the Motherf*ing Train!

Dear MBCR/MBTA People, to clarify the schedule for you and provide you with some vital customer service feedback I offer the following:

The #310 train from Lowell departs at 7:50am and should arrive Wedgemere Station at 8:23am. Today's arrival was 8:55am.

Your electronic sign flashing WEDGEMERE STATION was not helpful as nearly everyone on the platform knew they were at WEDGEMERE STATION. This may be that many of them are local, or the fact that they pass no fewer than 6 large metal signs that say WEDGEMERE STATION to get to the platform.

No announcement on the train as to the difficulty and when we pulled into North "Station" at 9:20am, the commuters were, how you say, pissed. Thanks for kicking off the fall season (pre "leaves on the tracks delay") in style. I want my money back.

Oh yeah, this means I used my lunch hour just trying to get to work. Where is Samuel L. Jackson when you motherf*ing need him?


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