Sunday, September 17, 2006

Mystery Dinner Saturday

After a fabulous day of music at the WUMB Boston Folk Festival, Tommy and I had plans to meet our friends Sarah and Scot for drinks and whatever (TBD) in Boston. We started with a refreshing beverage on the dock at Long Wharf (where the New England Aquarium is). Sarah and I were desirous of a cocktail out of doors fearing that this might be the last summer Saturday worthy of such treatment. We enjoyed some summer beverages and enjoyed the evening by the docks. It got dark too soon for my taste, but it was accompanied by hunger, so it was time to shove off anyway.

There are many dining options in the area, but as none of us had been to the Chart House in the recent past and it was recently renovated we thought we'd try it. It was after 9:00pm when we walked in the door, but there were a whole lot of people waiting. The nice hostess suggested drinks and appetizers in the bar and we liked the sound of that. One margarita and some coconut shrimp and lobster spring rolls later, we were called to our table. Our server in the bar (her first night) was very nice, outgoing - terrific.

We were taken upstairs to a table near the kitchen. The space is pretty amazing - the building was once John Hancock's counting house. All of us were dying to know what he was counting. We agreed that it was probably money. A little Blingo search shows that John Hancock's left the counting house to him as part of a large estate.

Anyway, we had some lovely seafood dishes, good conversation and plenty of laughs. Which is what friends and late (or last) summer Saturdays are for.


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