Monday, September 18, 2006

The Next Governor of Massachusetts?

Ran out at lunchtime with Janet (who took the photo. Thanks Janet!) for a quick trip to Falafel King and who should I run into but Deval Patrick, probably the next Governor of Massachusetts. He's very nice in person, I've read his positions on the major issues that I care about. He's in a good spot with me for the most part. He had a good handshake. I like Attorney General Tom Reilly a lot, though I disagree with some of his positions - I think he has good people around him, and they could steer him in the right direction. I like Chris Gabrielli, a lot, he's smart and hard working and I believe a good person who has done good work for the community. I'm in luck this election, I won't have to hold my nose on Primary Day.

Tommorow, Tuesday, September 19th is Primary Day in Massachusetts - Get off your collective butts and VOTE. It's a right they haven't tried to take away from you (yet) - take full advantage.


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