Saturday, September 09, 2006

Saturday Encounters

Overheard at a bakery:

College girl in UMass t-shirt to cashier behind counter:

-So how's senior year going?


-Totally slammed. Tons of homework. Tons of Spanish and Math homework.

College girl:

-Yeah, it doesn't get easier until you are in college.


At Petco Burlington:

Customer (me) to blonde employee:

-Hi, I'm looking for one of your flat shopping carts so I can transport litter.

Blonde employee:

-Un, yeah, if you didn't find one we're out.


-There's one at the front of the store with empty boxes on it - could I take that one?

Blonde employee:

-Well those are for employees only.


Locate the store manager on my way to get any cart (litter weighs 35lbs per bucket, and I was there for three of them.) The store manager happily cleared off the cart and gave it to me.


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