Monday, September 11, 2006

September 11th - Part 5

September 11th Part 5, end of day. Nothing significant happened in Boston today. Traffic seemed lighter. Extra police around, a few at various T locations. It was so much the same as 5 years ago. The sky was a gorgeous blue, a few puffy clouds, summery and fallish at the same time. Life just going on. And then not.

I'm thinking about the people who are gone, and the people who remain and the people who responded and the people who are taking care of the responders. I'm trying to not stew about the liars and the poseurs and the people who aren't taking care of the responders and the victims and the soldiers and the families. I'm trying not to think about what $300 billion could have accomplished. Housing for the homeless, food for the hungry, education for all.

After the lying liar repeated his lies about 9/11 and the evil-doers, I ignored all the docu-whatevers about 9/11 and watched Percy Adlon's film "Koenig's Sphere" on Sundance Channel. Director Percy Adlon chronicles sculptor Fritz Koenig's re-assembly of the remains of his iconic sculpture that stood outside the World Trade Center. Emotional on a lot of levels, I highly recommend it.

Truth in art is found in the pain it shelters.

-John Updike
Is this anniversary an(other) opportunity to push for peace and understanding among all mankind? I can only hope so.


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