Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Thinking of Friends Dealing with Issues

I hate health issues - my own, my family's - my cats', and especially the ones my friends are dealing with right now. I seem to have arrived at an age when I am getting a lot of calls from my beloveds telling me that they are facing some scary stuff. Many of the things they are facing are a bit mysterious - they come with a lot of "ifs". "If" we caught it early. "If" you were in good condition before you became ill. "If" you are willing to undergo a complete lifestyle change, if if if if if. I think the ifs are the cause of a whole lot of grief and possibly complications to all these situations.

For my friends who are dealing with the some medical concerns. I am an on your side and will help you in any way you need. I could suggest prayers to the diety of your choice, I could suggest meditation, I could suggest a lot of things - but I'm no one's doctor. I'm just someone who has a lot of friends on her heart. So for all of you I offer the following information:

From the hallowed halls of Harvard (Stop it, I LOVE alliteration - you know that about me) about prayer and health issues was very revealing. It told me a a lot about Americans and our mindset. The British did a study with completely opposite results (but they are generally very bleak anyway - I mean really, they only had like 5 channels of television when I lived there in 1987, that's got to affect your outlook.)

On the flip side, the Brits did do an interesting poetry experiment.

I found this information from The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM), a division of The National Institutes of Health very interesting. Who knew the National Institutes of Health would consider "Complementary & Alternative Medicine"? Especially this administration.

There are opinions on Art as Healing.

And from the FDA, a little news about tea.

This should give the peeps a headstart on the flood of pointless information out there. I hope it makes them laugh, keeps them busy (and therefore keeps them sane) and I pray it gives a little hope.

With love,


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