Sunday, September 17, 2006

WUMB Boston Folk Festival - Day 1

Gorgeous, agreeable, fortunate weather today for Day 1 of the WUMB (The UMass Boston Station) Boston Folk Festival. You should listen to WUMB, and give them money.

The musical highlights for me were Jennifer Kimball's lovely, floaty, beautiful music. Tish Hinojosa has the loveliest voice & guitar combo ever - throw in some traditional Mexican music and it's an unbeatable creation.

The absolute highlight was the legendary Richie Havens . Richie Havens was the opening act at Woodstock in August of 1969 and his voice is still so clear and so beautiful and so strong, yet he spoke so quietly and in such a moving way about still singing protest songs. He was sad to still be singing protest songs after 40 years, in the hopes that the issues would never return. But here we are in another war based on lies, continuing to be lied to by our (in the words of Mr. Havens) our "Representative Government."

Because the Fug Girls have been on location at New York Fashion Week and because I'm me, I have to give you the fashion report from UMass Boston.

Favored looks from the Folk Festival:

Purple! Purple appears to be the color of the peace movement. Nothing wrong with peace or purple - I just didn't know. Go peace!

One piece rayon jumpsuits (2 tone!) button down the front with contrasting shirt (preferably really bright.)

Hats! Crazy ones! Hats that you would normally expect to see nailed to the front door of suburban tract homes. You know, as created at a Michael's Craft Store Saturday demo. Also a lot of straw cowboy hats.

Gauchos & Capris! Knit ones! Super Ugly Bonus! Not only knit gauchos, but with a subtle, yet heinous print.
Fanny packs! Big ones! Like going to the mountains for days big. I don't know why, it's not like anyone smuggled anything in.

Mom jeans! On men! In colors! Oy.

Visors! Who knew?

Socks and sandals. Ouch.

Favorite look:

Tie-dyed t-shirt with Jim Morrison's face on the front and "An American Poet" on the back paired with a black leather studded belt and raw cotton capris. Footwear by Teva, naturally. Her friend was a XXL goth vision in a Kiss t-shirt and camouflage capri pants.

I did L-o-v-e her black and white pinstriped frame purse with pink skull & crossbones. Style points for the bag. In the folkies' favor: NO over-sized "makes you look like a bug" sunglasses - good for them.

Richie Havens was wearing the most gorgeous blue silk pajama set (not sleeping pajamas - a lounging set). He had this to say at one point:

"Be who you are
Be who you are
Be who you are
Say what you feel."


Final item overheard while walking to the car:

"That was awesome. Richie Havens was awesome. He was the best of the day - as long as he wasn't talking." (Presumably said by someone who hates world peace?)

Dude - you are totally an ass.


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