Sunday, September 17, 2006

WUMB Boston Folk Festival - Day 2

Day 2 of the Boston Folk Festival was beautiful. The agreeable weather continued and the music was astounding from start to finish.

The day began with the stunning Eliza Gilkyson and her strong, sweet voice, sharp opinions and brilliant songwriting.

The crowd moved in slowly over the day. This is part of a large group of rude elderly people. They kept adding people in high chairs, forcing us to move down and down and down again. Bitch girl finally got up and asked how many more they were adding as I was running out of field to move down.

The Cottars are an amazing group from Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia. I am not a huge fan of Celtic music, but this group is flat out fantastic. Lively, and genuine and talented singers, songwriters and as it turns out, dancers too. Look into them.

I was super-psyched to see The Kennedys as I am a fan of their music and have never seen them live. I know they live in Western Massachusetts now, but their travel schedule and my life schedule have not jibed. They put on a fantastic performance - so good I can forgive Maura the leggings and converse high tops under the beautiful skirt. Why Maura, why?

Jesse Winchester's voice is so beautiful it brings tears to my eyes. Jesse has had songs recorded by such luminaries as Joan Baez, Jimmy Buffett, the Everly Brothers, Fairport Convention, and Emmylou Harris. He sang and played guitar and brought a hush to the crowd. He made us laugh and cry and sing and dance. He was amazing.

The closing act of the day was Canada's own Bruce Cockburn. Wow wow wow! With a drummer and a keybordist/accordian player/singer, he tore through hits from 1970 to the present. The crowd would not let him leave without an encore - and the song they wanted to hear "If I Had a Rocker Launcher". It was well worth the wait.

And now your fashion update:

I have no idea if the Lithuanian Basketball Team of 1996 has a relationship with the Gratetful Dead, but this t-shirt had me giggling all afternoon. The gentleman wearing it was quite a dancer.
Favored prints today (on both men and women) featured brightly colored "sun moon stars" patterns, hawaiian style shirts with prints that should be banned, tie dye palooza, I make special note of the tie-dyed New England Patriots shirt on the lady down front who had to dance. GAH!

There comes a time when you are too "mature" for a leather ankle band with bells on it. I'm guessing you may be too mature for the leather ankle band with bells on it when you pair it with orthopedic Nana shoes. It becomes more apparent when you are moved by the music to dance. TOO. MATURE. Stop it.
There was absolutely no explanation for these shorts on yet another MATURE person. Particularly when paired with pricey dress loafers.
Update from yesterday's special guests. Jim Morrison wearing lady was quite toned down today, but fright-0-meter went through the roof when I saw the Tinkerbell tote bag. Her Kiss t-shirt goth friend was also "a bit" toned down, but with scary camouflage burlapy trousers and without the cool skull and crossbones bag. Style points taken away.

It was a lovely day, the music was awesome - it is a great event. See DAY ONE post HERE. I'm looking forward to the 10th anniversary show next year. I'm going to start looking for my own boho skirt tomorrow.


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