Sunday, October 15, 2006

Another Perfect Fall Day

A busy, but gorgeous fall day. We started with a walk in the Arnold Arboretum, a Frederick Olmstead design. The weather was stunning the leaves are turning and people seemed to be in a generally good humor. The photos are linked to a Flickr set, so click away.

Arnold Arboretum
Arnold Arboretum

We went to lunch at the Cottonwood Cafe where we bumped into friends Randy and M.J. whom we haven't seen in ages - I handed Tommy the snappy cam and because professional photographers are allergic to snappy cams, I got the patented blur-o-vision© photo. It's still kind of cool.

M.J. & Lori at The Cottonwood

We went to the rally for the next Governor of Massachusetts, Deval Patrick, on Boston Common with 5500 other peeps. It was a good turnout and an exciting rally. Deval continued his message of positivity while still responding to the dirty tricks of Sherry Muffy Healey's campaign. You can read more at Blue Mass Group. The Billionaires for Bush hit squad was out too.

Deval Patrick Rally 10/15
Billionaires for Bush at Deval Patrick Rally

We took a walk through the Boston Public Gardens on the way back to the car. America's oldest public garden was looking quite lovely today.

Gates to the Boston Public Garden

We strolled down Commonwealth Avenue - who knew what all those statues were? Who knew you could dedicate a bench? I love my town. You should visit.

John Glover Statue
Bench dedication along Commonwealth Ave.

I don't know who Ginger is, but she is one lucky lady!

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