Thursday, October 12, 2006

Blogging the Birthday

I enjoyed a lovely birthday today. Gorgeous fall weather shone down on me. I walked to town and did my "in town" business (bank, drugstore, wine) and took in the changing leaves and took great pleasure in the warm sun. I got showered with yellow leaves that came flying off a tree in a big gust of wind.

One of the neighbors has this statue that is wearing a leopard print sarong to cover his naughty bits. I love it.

I bought sandwiches at a local place in the Center and brought them home for me and Tommy and inevitably, the cats. There is something about smoked turkey that drives Badcat and T-Bone wild. Like wildy wild. Super purr mode, falling all over themselves and pawing at the plate. Annoying and yet cute. Totally Kitty Food Challenge!©

I took some measurements in my basement for my new jeweler's workbench. I didn't move anything out of the space yet, but I have a vision for what I want.

Tommy made me a present of Christ Smither's new CD entitled Leave the Light On. He is amazing - it is a fabulous CD. His version of Bob Dylan's Johanna is sublime.

The present came wrapped in some wildly expensive photographic paper tied up in red gaffer's tape. Totally a symbol of love from a photographer. Or he doesn't know where I keep the wrapping paper. Doesn't matter, I LOVE the effort.

Tommy made an amazing spread for dinner and invited our friends Mike & Judy. He started with a gorgeous anti-pasto salad and the meal was Short Ribs with Tagliatelle (recipe by the always-lovely Giada DeLaurentis.) Absolutely the most perfect Fall day supper, ever.

Judy made a special birthday cake for me. A milk chocolate praline cake dusted with powdered sugar with a cocoa heart stencil in the middle. Beautiful and delicious. Judy also brought me cashmere gloves! Cashmere gloves I tell you! They are the softest things ever.

I had a fabulous day - for today at least, I am content. Muy contenta. I am a lucky girl.


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