Thursday, October 12, 2006

Happy Birthday to Me Has Commenced

The festivities celebrating my birth began last night with dear friend Janet and the tastiest margaritas of the year at 6B in Boston.

As I do each year, I review the inventory of my life. Here's the short list. I'm fortunate for good friends, family that I love, the best husband in the world, cats that I can exploit on the Internets, blogger friends, a job that provides health insurance that I am quite fond of, the time and talent to make jewelry that other people love (and buy!) and good health and a general sense of (unmedicated) well-being. I live in a beautiful state, I get to talk to my mother almost every day, and I have a blog where I can say anything I damn well please. More festivities later.

I am a lucky girl. Happy Birthday to me indeed.


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paul said...

Happy Birthday, Ms. Magno!