Saturday, October 21, 2006

The Kid Thing - Safely Delivered to PSAT

Fortune has smiled and the weather is one of those gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous fall days - sun on the fall foliage and crisp air always portent good things for me.

I slept well (despite not being in my own bed) and miracle of miracles, I awoke before the alarm. So did Pete, as he was already in the shower when I walked down the hall to wake him. Ozzie the dog was waiting patiently for Pete at the bathroom door.

With clothes already selected and the bookbag already packed, all that was left was to feed the boy and hit the road. Pete is a smart kid and selected his cereal wisely.

Delivered Pete safely to the high school and headed back to the homestead. I wanted to be sure that I wasn't missing anything on the schedule of events, so all I had to do was check the counter. I love post-its too - I might just pull off this "visiting parent" thing without too much damage!

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ozziedad said...

The parents and sibling of these madness-creators are watching from afar via Blackberry and think that you are somewhere between psycho and a total lunatic, and we love you for it! XXOO