Friday, October 20, 2006

The Kid Thing - Evening One, Survived

Survived flat out day at work, which also had moments of pleasure. We had a toast for the newly promoted in my department and that was a very good thing.

Stopped at my house to see darling husband and kitties, pick up my overnight bag and dash down the street to have supper with the kids. I called to say I was on my way and Pete told me the lasagna was in the oven (a very good sign!) and a salad was in process when I arrived moments later. Suzi was on her way home from swim practice while Pete and I finished the salad and set the table. Pete knows his way around the kitchen - here is the fabulous salad with improvised croutons:

I enjoyed a lively dinner conversation and catch up on the family events of late. We watched a few minutes of NBC's 1 vs. 100 - rather amusing to watch Ken Jennings lose at trivia and see a couple of friendly-looking people walk away with sacks of money.

Suzi worked on her model of the Pompidou Centre while we watched the end of 1v100 and a Tivo'd episode of The Office. I think she may have a future as an architect.

I'm off to bed early as I am driving Pete to his PSAT exam. He's fully prepped, backpack filled with sharp pencils and calculator, clothes picked out and at the ready. Setting the alarm clock now - I cannot fail tomorrow.

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