Sunday, October 22, 2006

The Kid Thing - Returned to Their Rightful Parents

Was dreaming fully when the alarm went off at 5:55am, something about George Clooney and Tuscan eggs benedict. Not sure as I was very tired. The kid thing has been a lot of fun, but as one who does not have them, there is a lot of fear that you'll lose one or damage one or something - and fear is exhausting. Suzi was quite cooperative in arising for swim practice. Her cel phone was ringing a poppy little tune when I crept down the hall to make sure she was awake. (She was.) She went through her morning ablutions without any help from me - and as a matter of fact, she told me to go back to bed, that she could feed herself and walk out the door. I did as I was told and went back to bed.

I woke up in time for some morning news and the pundit shows. I took my time and was patient in figuring out the Cuisinart coffee grinder/brewer thing and was rewarded with an excellent cup of coffee. I needed it to withstand the punditry. It's going to be a very interesting election on November 7th. I expect to hear one difference of opinion between ABC (what used to be This Week with David Brinkley), NBC (Meet the Press with Fat Timmy) and CBS (Face the Nation with Fluffy Bob). Yes, I dislike all of them to some degree - can ANYONE ask a damn follow-up question? (GAH!) But they all present a bleak picture for Republicans in 17 days.

Anyway, I sat in the family room admiring the view of the lake and waiting for Pete to wake up. I knew he still had homework to complete before tomorrow, and I was willing to help to the degree I could. (I'm great with stuff like the Pompidou Centre, but AP Chemistry, sorry - can't help you there...) Pete popped into the living room during pundit hour with a smiling face and a good morning and announced he was hitting the books. He took a moment to show me the lime tree with fruit nearly ready for picking. I love that! An indoor lime tree!

Jeff and Cathy called from the road to say they would be home in time for Suzi's swim meet this afternoon and I was free to go. They gave me the rundown on Dave's adventures at Cornell (Hi Dave!) and their visit to the campus. Feeling like it was safe to go, I took one last shot of the lake - the ducks came swimming by and I took my leave.

What I learned: These kids are as wonderful as I always knew they were - well mannered, well spoken, good company - good fun to be with and absolutely not a burden "to watch over". They have WAY too much homework. I couldn't lift Suzi's backpack off the floor containing all of her binders and class materials. She has 4 tests tomorrrow and that's just wrong. The kids are very busy, but I am pleased to say it is self-motivated programming - they do what they like and do it really well. I don't know that my mother could have signed me up for anything that would have motivated me to get up at 6am! I'll take Pete and Suzi any time. All others pay cash on the barrel!

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