Saturday, October 07, 2006

Mara's Wedding Dress Day!

I am so happy today! Mara is visiting Boston for a morning of wedding dress "tryouts". Now that she has moved to North Carolina I don't get to see her and do stupid things together.

There is possibly nothing stupider than trying on wedding gowns - especially when the wedding gown place is taking it much more seriously than you! I would name the wedding gown place (which is actually in a suburb of Boston) but they were LAME LAME LAME and wouldn't allow photos of Mara in the gowns. I explained that her mother lives in California and was missing this big day - to no avail. Now, in this day and age, do people really take snapshots of their girlfriends in dresses and then have the dress copied? Really?

Anyway - no blog love for them and here is the photo I snuck - so big frigging RASPBERRY to that store. Did I mention they were LAME?
Mara tries on a wedding gown
We went to Starbucks to catch up on all the dirt North and South and family gossip and old law firm gossip and talk about bad accessories and cute accessories and Louis Vuitton bags at Saks. Mara strikes a Starbucks model pose.

Because I am sending Mara's Mom (hi Toby!) the link to the blog - I'm showing the world the fabulous engagement ring that Mara and David (her intended) got while they were in Greece. Mmmmm, jewelry. Beautiful choice you kids.

Mara's dear friend John came on the dress odyssey (he is a good and patient man) and we all had to pose for the self-timed snapshots. This is un-retouched fabulousness.

On the way to the car we passed a pet supply store that was having a kitten adoption day hosted by Kitty Angels. I couldn't convince Tommy by phone to let me have one of these little ones that looks like my Badcat. He is so mean!
{Author's note: When I got home Tommy clarified his denial of a kitten by explaining that we would couldn't separate siblings, and to his way of thinking I would have had to take all 4 - making a total of 6 in the house and moving me well on my way to crazy cat lady status.}

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