Saturday, October 28, 2006

On One of the Crappiest Days of the Year

I'm only referring to the weather here, it's howling raining and the wind is blowing crazy. It is gloomy and a day to sit by the fire and catch up on your Tivo. I don't have Tivo, so I decided to do some computer clean up and organization. I spent a few hours in iPhoto and thought I would make a Flickr set of photos from one of the most beautiful days this summer.

Dave Matthews Band at Fenway Park
On July 7th my dear friend Cynthia called with a last minute invite to see Sheryl Crow and Dave Matthews at Fenway Park. (Thanks Cynthia!) I'm always available to go to Fenway, no matter who is playing - baseball or otherwise.

The show was tremendous. Sheryl started playing around 6pm, so Fenway was just beginning to fill. I feel bad for the people who missed her show - she totally rocked the joint. She was alive and vibrant and feeling the Fenway. The stage set was a mind blow - I had no idea how they would situate a rock show in the oldest baseball park in America. The sound and visuals were quite amazing.

Dave Matthews really enjoyed being in Fenway park - he came out to intro Sheryl Crow and was jumping up and down freaking out that they were playing FENWAY PARK! FENWAY PARK! FENWAY PARK! His set was tremendous - on a gorgeous summer evening (not one of our 100 degree days) there was nothing better than sitting in Fenway with a plastic cup of wine, a lovely breeze blowing and Dave Matthews making music. It's a feeling I'll try to hold onto in the mean season of winter.

Visit the Flickr set.

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