Monday, October 09, 2006

Perfect. Fall. Day.

Yesterday Tommy took me for a ride in the car. I kept my head and tongue firmly in the vehicle as we enjoyed a fabulous New England fall day. We started with a drive up to Newburyport. We thought it would be nice to have lunch in that quaint seaside town. Unfortunately they were having some sort of festival and it was overrun by people - and I was totally not in the mood for people. From Newburyport we drove out to Plum Island and ended up having lunch at the one and only spot that was open, a charming locale called Bob Lobster.

That's Tommy, not Bob Lobster

I enjoyed a delightful lobster roll in a genuine lobster shack-like atmosphere.

Lobster Roll at Bob Lobster
Genuine Lobster Shack Atmosphere

We really wanted to visit an apple orchard or farmstand for fresh picked apples and maybe some pumpkins. We took a drive through Newbury (another town altogether) and ended up at Tendercrop Farms.

Tendercrop Farm

We got four pumpkins for the front porch and wandered the farm store - which is totally gorgeous. The entire upstairs is a dried floral fantasyland. I got some of the orangey things and some of the wheaty looking things. I have no idea what I bought, but I'm going to tie them up with a gorgeous ribbon and put them on the front door.

Orangey flower pod things

I'm sorry to report I did not get to see Buffy the Buffalo. Across the street at 109 High Road is Alana Dunn's brand new cool little shop called Newbury Monogram & Mercantile which features some nifty antiques and custom embroidery products. I got a set of 8 vintage cocktail glasses with an "M" monogram on them. Something Tom would ordinarily would have frowned upon (because we need more glasses like we need a third arm), but it's my birthday week so he let it slide.

We wandered on down the road to Ipswich for what I really desired of the day. Apple Cider Donuts at Russell Orchards just down the road from the Crane Estate. I waited in a long, long line for the apple cider donuts, but OMG - they are so totally worth it. (Imagine sound of Homer Simpson eating here...) Some snaps while wating in the long, long line.


Apple Grading Chart 1958

Because Thomas Magno is the best husband in the entire universe, he actually got me an ice cream cone while I was waiting in the long, long, long line for donuts. He is the bomb.

We finally snatched our half dozen freshly made donuts and headed outside to visit the farm creatures. They have a fantastically huge pig. People were throwing apples to the pig and she seemed to enjoy them. I enjoyed the sign on the pen.

The donut machine of my dreams

Pig had a huge mouth

Russell's also has goats and a sheep and a miniature pony and ducks and geese and chickens. It was a perfect place (for other people) to bring their little darlings for a photo in the pumpkin patch. When I could no longer handle other peoples' little darlings we took a ride out to Crane's Beach.

Crane's is one of the most beautiful places in Massachusetts. The area is controlled by the Trustees of the Reservations. To quote from their about us page "Our Mission: To preserve, for public use and enjoyment, properties of exceptional scenic, historic, and ecological value in Massachusetts. Since 1891, The Trustees of Reservations has been saving the Massachusetts landscape for people to enjoy. " They do a very admirable job.

Visitors to Crane's Beach

Likely to be the last dip of the toes in the Atlantic this year. The water was actually quite lovely. Okay it was cold, but so was the water at Good Harbor Beach in Gloucester all summer.

Toes in the Atlantic

Thomas Magno

The last seashell of summer. I am ready for Fall. Foliage pix will come soon enough.

The last seashell of summer


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