Thursday, October 05, 2006

Pictures Without Words (Mostly)

Badcat watching the Cardinals and Chickadees visiting the new birdfeeder. Potentially delicious.

A SEIZED sign in the Cafe Marliave window. They should have SEIZED the chef a long time ago.

Scary Candy Friday (with thanks to Anjali). It's a marshamallow hot dog. Pure, unadulterated sugar. Think the kid on the packaging is making joyful noises? Think again. Looks like she's channeling Sam Kinison.

What goes better with a hot dog than a sugary marshmallow hamburger? Want to turn little Timmy into whining, yelping mess? Pass the burgers! (And pass me the earplugs.)

The Paramount Theater on Washington Street in Boston this morning. Gorgeous after the signage rehab.

Chris and Jodi's baby Belle. The sweetest pup ever.



copyranter said...

those hot dogs remind me of Marge Sinmpson's famous dessert hot dogs.

Moda di Magno said...

Just the thought of feeding that to a kid and the resultant hysterio-mania that would ensue gives me a headache. There is so much awesome candy out there and this stuff just bites!