Sunday, October 29, 2006

A Ride in the Country

Took a ride to Western Mass. on this blustery Sunday. It was a gorgeous day by comparison to Saturday which just rained down, well, rain - all day. It was a crazy (and damaging) windy day, but the sun coming through the most amazing clouds lighting up the landscape made for a stunnah (local slang for stunning) day.

Terrible Arithmetic of War
We remain keenly aware that the election is on November 7th. These fine people in Whately, MA want to remind travelers what their vote means.

We drove just two hours from my beloved Boston and looky what you can see:

We stopped at the Ripka Farm stand and bought a bushel of butternut squash. A bushel. A bushel is a LOT. But now I have a stash of local squash to see me through the new year. The Ripka Farm is protected from being turned into an ugly cul-de-sac of plastic houses.

They had tons of gorgeous gourds and Indian corn for sale.

We walked to the Salmon Falls/Glacier Potholes in Shelburne Falls.

Treaty of Salmon Falls
They have cows out there. Baby cows.

Baby Cow
Did I mention it was gorgeous? It was gorgeous.

Red Barns in the Sunset
Western Mass. got 3" of rain on Saturday.

The Day After the Rain
This is fall in New England. I love it here.


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Kara said...

Wow those are some great shots! Make me want to drive north!