Monday, October 02, 2006

Sad Realization: OMG, I'm Old

Cambridge 9pm. Monday. Me sad as I am realizing there was no hope for me to stay awake long enough to see Slumber Party. when I left Zuzu after a very pleasant meal and fine conversation with a young writer named Darcy (and a visit from co-worker Randy) I had to head for home. At 9:30 the DJs were showing up for their set and then the band would come on "later" as it was explained to me. Later? WTF? It's a school night! I hope the band blew the roof off the place - I'm totally bummed I missed their set. But I can't keep my eyes open! This is hard for me. I was late night girl once upon a time. I closed bars, hell, I closed all night coffee shops (Ben Frank's on Sunset anyone?) and here I am checking out before the band? Not cool.

Here are some snaps from Cambridge during the evening. Toscannini's Ice Cream. Nothing better anywhere. I had the pumpkin in a sugar cone. (Making the sound that Homer Simpson does when someone says "beer" arghlearghleargh.)

Toscannini's has Wi-Fi - being in the middle of the Harvard, MIT smarty zone - Wi-Fi is a very useful thing in your local coffee/ice cream shop.

Add Rock & Roll posters here. Leave staples when done.


The Zuzu PuPu Platter (NOW EMPTY.) Totally recommended. Grape leaves, lamb kebab, whipped garlic with little lamb empanadas. Spinach and cheese in puff pastry, hummus and baba ganoush. Yum. Yum. Yum.

Zuzu waiting for patrons.


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