Monday, November 20, 2006

Boston Meetup! Brandspankin' Comes To Boston

Slinky Redfoot, otherwise known as Matt Brand of the Brandspankin' blog came to Boston today. We had a refreshing beverage at world famous Brandy Pete's in Boston's financial district. It was fantastic to put a face to an "about me" photo and snarktastic posts. (Or is that brandtastic posts??) We had a delightful chat about the state of advertising agencies and a general thrashing about crappy, boring, unispired work.

I posed some meme style questions to Slinky, which, with Oban Scotch in hand - he answered. You decide if he was giving me the business or telling the truth.

Where did the name Slinky Redfoot come from?

It's from a short story about a leader of a gang hunting down God.

Have you had any encounters with God?

A few.

What is the best thing about being Slinky?

I can sneak into air vents at night.

How long has Slinky been around - 6 or 60 years?

Slinky is timeless - a concept waiting to happen. Jive Miguel is the philosophical side.

What will your next blog post be about?

Moments of brilliance - you never know where the inpsiration strikes.

What are you reading now?

A copy of Maxim from 1997. Pamela Anderson is on the cover.

OMG - are you Borat?


I had a great time meeting Slinky - it is alway fun to meet the advertising blog brothers (especially when I can get the company to front for the bevvies!)

A couple of parting shots of the Moda di Magno - Brandspankin' meetup at the Park Station "T" on Boston Common. I'm fond of the B&W with the "Skill Bureau" office in the background. HAH!


Slinky Redfoot said...

god do i sound boring or what??

Moda di Magno said...

HAH! Not in the least - I only published what wouldn't get us grounded until Christmas!