Saturday, November 18, 2006

Dinner Friday - I Am An Idiot

I made plans for Friday night with two former marketing bosses, their spouses and beloved husband. I made a the reservation using an online systemn - a system I use all the time and had used earlier in the day. The reservation I believed I had made for 8:30pm Friday night at Oleana in Cambridge - was actually for Monday night at 8:30pm. Awesome. Spectacular work.

My former Executive Vice President and Senior Vice President AND my husband standing in a packed restaurant on a Friday night with a reservation three days away. Thank you gods of technology. At least it wasn't raining.

Fortunately, Bob Hurley and his wife Cynthia kicked off the evening with some lovely wine at their home. Cynthia is a French wine importer and has a fabulous blog called La Route du Vin. You can read about her journeys through the best wineries in the world and (when you've finished drooling) sign up for her newsletter. She can hook you up with the good stuff.

This is Don, the host at Oleanna who broke the news that I had totally screwed up. He was so incredibly nice my mind is still blown. I whispered that the nice people I had in tow were my bosses and my husband and asked if he could he help a sister out. I will return to Oleanna for a huge thank you and dinner soon.

Don made calls to three restaurants for us and got us a reservation at EVOO in Somerville, just a few blocks away. I was game for anything that would seat us.
We were greeted warmly by a young smiling host who knew exactly who were were. Our table was ready as soon as we walked in. Our lovely server Debra was knowledgeable and made excellent recommendations.

EVOO has a tasting menu and an exstensive wine list. We left the wine ordering to the experts (Bob & Cynthia.)

Robin and Tommy look at the menu. I did too, in between pictures.

Chef Peter McCarthy's menu revolves around whatever is locally fresh that day - and damn if it doesn't show it - and taste it. I enjoyed some of the prettiest food I've had in quite a while. I started with a beet, Macoun apple, hazelnut and goat cheese salad with pea greens. If I could, I would eat this every day. Without sounding like Katie Holmes - it was amazing.

My main dish, "The Chinese Box" was recommended by Robin (an EVOO veteran.) I read the menu description of mustard-glazed shrimp and stir-fried vegetables with lamb and rice and figured I would roll the dice as I love all of thse things. Behold the presentation. I love this.

We lingered over lots of different wines and dessert (also fabulous) and conversation that ran the gamut from "Who got promoted?" to what to eat in Switzerland. The staff at EVOO was fantastic and in no way hurried us along - to the point that I didn't realize it was 12:30AM until I saw the clock in the car. I met Chef McCarthy right before we left and thanked him for a lovely evening. I told him how we ended up at EVOO (he knew) and told him we would be back (after I pay a thank you call on Oleanna.) I can't thank Don enough for his graciousness.

I can only hope that my next mistake is as happy as this one. The dining party at the table and on the way out the door.

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