Thursday, November 09, 2006

OMG! Amy Sedaris Booksigning!

Mega-special props to Jeff Flemings at the Digital Hive blog for turning me on to the Amy Sedaris booksigning at Borders Boston tonight. Amy was signing copies of her newest gem "I Like You - Hospitality Under the Influence". My good friend Pete gifted me with a copy for my birthday, so I got a copy for my friend Cynthia (who is the ultimate hostess!)

I waited in a crazy-long line and hung out with some very cool peeps for nearly 90 minutes. That's Emerson College student and future publisher and author Jessica on the right. Smart kid that one. We had some tremendous laughs and talked politics, the glorious retaking of the house and senate, and as the line snaked through the store we talked about various authors and books. We also had some chuckles about interesting jobs. The line was so long they sent a nice young man to deliver bags of Amy's homemade "Hit the Trail Mix" from page 164 of the book! I shall press it in an album. (No I won't.)

Amy is like the tiniest woman ever. So cute, so compact! And very, very nice. The Borders employee put names on post-its so the signing could go quickly, so when I presented my book Amy asked if I was Cynthia. I explained that Cynthia was my friend. Amy said "tell me about her" in the nicest, most genuine way. So I told her about my friend and she wrote a very funny inscription.

In addition to the books, Amy was selling some fantastic magic wands and kitchen aprons for coffee money (or rent money - who knows) so I bought a magic wand. I HAVE A GENUINE AMY SEDARIS MAGIC WAND! Beat that world!

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Slinky Redfoot said...

I LOVE the warning!