Monday, November 13, 2006

The Post Where I Gush About a TV Show (NBC's Heroes)

I admit it, I have been sucked into the vortex known as NBC's "Heroes." I don't know how it happened. It may be that on the night of the first episode there was nothing else more pressing. Or I was doing work on the laptop while the idiot box droned on in the background (an I kept looking up for an hour...) in any case - I'm loving this show and it totally does not fit the profile of anything that I watch. It is nothing like Curb Your Enthusiasm or Arrested Development (or even Countdown with Keith Olberman, The Daily Show, Strangers with Candy, Clean House or Good Eats.)

I don't like sci fi - I really don't like sci fi, so this is such a weird thing for me. And yet I am enjoying it so much that I tried to describe the show to beloved husband - who promptly went into the library and shut the door (as it is not Masterpiece Theater or the Formula One racing...)

The advertising side of me has cracked up repeatedly at NBC working the Nissan Versa into the show by using my favorite character, Hiro, as the shill. Hiro is so utterly Japanese-adorable that he could stop in the middle of stopping time (his hero skill) and ask me to buy pretzels - and I would. The ad below can be found on the Heroes site and I find it to be desperately emulating a pharmaceutical ad. Peptocrampo or a personal stiffening agent - I can't decide which.

The show has a sitelet on NBC's site where you can view this week's episode, download stuff and read "Hiro's Blog" - which I must say is disappointing. It feels like an afterthought and not a well done afterthought, but people post replies and are dangerously serious about the topics (making it good for a chuckle or two.)

I've been sucked in enough that I will watch it to the conclusion and then post my final decision on the show. Wow me NBC, just wow me. And please make the sitelet better.

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Matt said...

All I know is, they better save that damn cheerleader soon