Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas Eve 2006

Had the family over for the traditional Christmas Eve food and arguments. Tommy and I hosted buffet-style this year (the food - not the arguments...) and had a great time. Tom's menu: Martha Stewart's Tuscan Roast Turkey Breast over Farro and Beef Tenderloin with Shallot Brandy Sauce (both from the December 2006 issue of Martha Stewart Living), Michael Chiarello's Roasted Winter Squash (but I didn't puree, I just left the squash cubed) and Food & Wine Magazine's Herbed Polenta & Parmesan Gratin. I made a ton of pizzelles and molasses cookies and Cashew Nut Brittle. Tommy did all the chef work - I prepped and set the table and bussed dishes and opened the door. And I tested everything before it was served. I think it was a successful evening.

T-Bone acting like he is meant to be on the stove with front paws in the pot lapping up the last of the fish chowder. For the record, the pot was virtually empty and he is NEVER to be on the stove. Crazy cat people PLEASE NOTE - I do not approve of cats on stoves. He took leave of his senses when the house was packed with family and friends. Yes, I sent Tom for the camera while I stood there and laughed. Much like this photographer surely stood there and laughed. Heartily my friends, heartily.

Tom's gingerbread centerpiece 2006 featuring ice skating gingerbread creatures. This is tame compared to Tom's gingerbread effort last year.

Yeah, um, a guy wearing a thong, and a dude with a broken leg and bleeding. These were delivered on a gilt platter to the family on Christmas Day 2005. Hey - I only baked the gingerbread - Tommy decorated.

My friends Janet and Larry posing with the Christmas tree. I've titled the photo "Jews for Jesus" - but that's a secret.

Badcat getting all mopey because I took away the pile of ribbon (which she would have eaten and yakked up in the middle of the night.) Please note I do not approve of ribbon eating any more than I approve of cats on stoves.

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