Sunday, December 10, 2006

Christmas Shopping Sunday

In between dropping off paper good for the Horizons for Homeless Children holiday party and a gift basket for a Community Servings client, Tommy and I had brunch on Newbury Street and then did a little Christmas shopping. We were walking past Joe's on Newbury Street when I noticed their outdoor Christmas tree. I thought they were wise to safety wire it so that it wouldn't go flying in the crazy wind we've been having lately.
Then Tommy told me to look down - to see that they had chained it at the base so that it wouldn't walk off on its own. Damn that's sad.
Fa la la la la indeed. In other bizarre news: The special Jeff Gordon Halston Z-14 fragance package at CVS (in a locked case!) I can't begin to guess what it smells like. Don't want to either.

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